Education/ Training Services
Constant progress of technologies, huge diversity of IT solutions, increasing complexity of security systems as well as new techniques to breach them, make the effective information protection almost impossible to achieve these days without continuous progress of knowledge and skills. Security knowledge must indeed follow the new threats and perpetually change business and technology environments not to become obsolete.

Therefore, in Prevenity we not only pay enormous attention to continuous education and skills development of our team, but we are also willing to share our knowledge and practical experience with our Customers. We do this via trainings, workshops and conferences organized by our company, often in cooperation with our Partners.

In addition to traditional forms of training, we also develop and deliver e-Learning programs, with the possibility of completing them and examining online to check the participants progress.

The information about our trainings can be provided to you by calling +48 22 533 01 15 or sending e-mail to the following address:
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