Information Security e-Learning
Even the best and the most expensive technical solutions, security policies or other security countermeasures implementation will not protect an organization against attacks, if adequate information security awareness is not built among the personnel.

It is the company staff and not technical solutions, which play the key role in the giving information security process. For example, implementation of even the most expensive, state-of-the-art access control mechanisms will not be effective, if employees allow strangers to enter the internal part of the office without checking their identification. And implementation of the most effective antivirus system will not bring expected results, if employees will turn it off, in order to speed up their computers.

The examples mentioned above are only the tip of an iceberg, which shows how important is to build proper information security awareness among the staff. This is why in Prevenity we think it is so important to provide proper information security awareness training to the personnel.

Providing training in a traditional form, in a classrooms, with professional trainers, is logistically and financially demanding, as well as time consuming. This is especially true in large organizations hiring hundreds of employees. In case of such companies, providing information security training to the entire staff may be a real challenge.

Therefore, as an alternative to traditional training approaches, we are recommending information security trainings in an electronic form, called e-Learning.

In the e-Learning, traditional classroom and trainer is replaced by computer screen, a sound card and a website designed for this purpose, allowing participants to learn through a web browser.

e-Learning provides a lot of benefits, among which the most important are:
  • Significant reduction of trainings costs
  • Possibility to train large number of employees in a short time
  • Possibility to learn anywhere, anytime and at a pace appropriate for an individual employee
  • Possibility to provide the training without waiting to gather a group
  • Easy integration of e-Learning trainings with new employees hiring scheme
e-Learning Offer

We design, develop and provide dedicated e-Learning trainings in the domain of information security in cooperation with Security and IT Departments of our Customers.

Sample subjects of recommended e-Learning trainings are:
  • Information security awareness training for organizations’ personnel
  • Periodic information security training for the organization's staff
  • Training on the Act on the Protection of Personal Data (according to the Polish law)
  • Training on the Act on Protection of Classified Information (according to the Polish law)
  • The organization’s security policy training
  • Training on the principles of information security in an organization
We make the e-Learning trainings more attractive by adding illustrations, quizzes and test questions verifying training progress and optionally, by voice of a professional reader.

We develop the e-Learning trainings by using the Internet technologies, therefore the user needs only the web browser with Adobe Flash Player, an access to the Internet (in case of e-Learning hosting at our premises) or an access to Customer’s Intranet network (in case of hosting at Customer’s premises).

Upon request of our Customers, trainings can be finished by an online exam, with immediate results. It is possible to send confirmation of a passed exam to the Management Staff.

We recommend Information Security e-Learning to:
  • Organizations who want to provide information security training to their personnel, for example as a part of implementation of Information Security Management System in accordance to ISO/IEC 27001
  • Organizations who need to perform period information security training (for example in order to meet requirements of implemented security standards or policy)
  • Huge organizations and companies hiring many employees, which find it difficult to fit the budget and schedule numerous groups
  • Organizations who need to train large number of people in short time, optimizing training costs
In addition, we recommend Information Security e-Learning courses if:
  • The goals of the training and the training content enables this form of training
  • Organization and their employees have access to technical backup facilities that allow e-Learning courses (computers, access to Internet network etc.)
We organize e-Learning courses in a SaaS model (Software-as-a-Service) and depending on Customers’ requirements, we deliver them via Internet or install appropriate hardware in the Intranet of Customers’ organization.


If you are interested in ordering Information Security e-Learning trainings for your organization, please contact us at +48 22 533 01 00 or e-mail us:
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