Inauguration lecture at 7th Congress of Network Security
Date: 28 February 2011
Continuous development of IT systems, security vulnerabilities revealed in software, hardware and its configuration as well as imperfections of technologies cause that over time almost all systems become vulnerable to security threats. Not without impact on security there is also a shift in strategy of many companies in the area of information processing - virtualization of IT resources, cloud computing, growing role of mobile and wireless devices - these are just examples of direction and changes, which companies follow nowadays.

Changing approach of organizations in the area of information processing not only enforces change of IT management models and technologies - it also requires appliance of security mechanisms that are very different in comparison to mechanisms used few or so years ago. What security challenges are therefore being faced by IT and security departments now, and what challenges they can expect in the near future? Which of approaches and solutions aiming to assure information security can be still effectively used, and which should be retired? Which solutions are the most promising? Which security threats shall we afraid the most?

Presentation, which we had the honour to present in order to inaugurate 7th Congress of Network Security, held in Novotel Airport Hotel in Warsaw, Poland, was a try to find answers and hints to the above questions based on forecasts of analytics companies, opinions of recognized security experts, publications of leading security vendors as well as our own specialists' multi years professional experience gained during delivery of multiple projects in the area of information security.

PowerPoint presentation shown during the conference (in Polish language) can be found here.
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