Internet Banking Security Conference 2011
Date: August 2011
Mobile banking, although in terms of popularity and the number of active users still cannot be even compared with internet banking, is slowly becoming an integral part of almost all banks' offerings. Online application, native application, the application on the SIM card or text message or voice channel – these are just a few examples of technological approaches that can be used to implement the concept of mobile banking.

Regardless of the technology, mobile banking, however, raises several questions when it comes to security. What risks can we expect with regard to the mobile banking and how they can be mitigated? Which mobile operating systems offer the most effective methods to protect applications against intruder attacks? Which platform is the most insecure? What problems - when it comes to mobile banking security - are difficult or even impossible to solve today?

The presentation we had the pleasure to show at the conference was an attempt to answer these questions and focused on presenting the most important security mechanisms and differences between the popular mobile operating systems.
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