Mass Payments Conference
Date: 29 March 2011
State-of-the-art mobile devices, and in particular smartphones allow their users to perform electronic transactions anytime, and anywhere in the World, where there is sufficient cellular or other wireless network signal coverage. From micropayments up to internet or mobile banking - appliance of smartphones in the area of electronic banking and mass payments seems to be almost unlimited, and every year brings new, more and more convenient payment methods. Unfortunately, new opportunities means also new threats to security of financials of users of mobile devices. Not only majority of attacks known in traditional IT systems can be used toward mobile devices, but new technologies brings with themselves new, unknown methods of attacks and social engineering, by using which criminals can try to perform unauthorized electronic transactions.

Presentation shown by our company during the "Mass Payments" conference discusses security threats and methods of conducting attacks by utilizing modern mobile devices like iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile devices. Besides discussing possibilities of mobile malware, presenters paid special focus on still little known, but currently possible to perform, methods of attacks targeting internet and mobie banking, micropayment mechanisms ana authentication mechanisms utilizing cell phones.

PowerPoint presentation shown during the conference (in Polish language) can be found here.
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