New trainings in Prevenity's education offer
Date: 26 January 2011
We are pleased to announce expanding our education offer by the following trainings:

  1. Training: Penetration tests of IT systems

    The main objective of this course is to provide participants with knowledge about penetration tests of IT systems with utilizing Open Source and commercial tools. The scope of the training includes also foundations of risk assessment, presentations and exercises on hacking techniques as well as discussing the methods of defense against them.

    The main scope of the training consists of the following topics:
    • Performing penetration tests of IT systems,
    • Risk assessment for IT systems,
    • Using Open Source tools in penetration tests,
    • Hacking techniques and methods of protections against them.
    The training is recommended for security specialists, security auditors, systems administrators and other employees of IT/Security departments responsible for assurance or testing security of IT systems.

  2. Training: Analysis of malware

    The main objective of this course is to familiarize participants with infection methods of operating systems as well as with various techniques of malware analysis. The training consists of more than 40 practical exercises at various levels of difficulty. Training participants will develop and run their own malware, create signature for antivirus software and will analyze behavior of selected trojan horses (e.g. Zeus, URLZone, Mebroot etc.).

    The knowledge transferred during the training will enable participants to learn about techniques used by malware authors - in particular oriented to attack customers of online banking. The training provides participants with the opportunity to learn how to analyze suspicious programs - from the static analysis tools using IDA Pro and ending with the dynamic analysis using debuggers and dedicated tools. Participants during the training will build tools to facilitate analysis of malware (such as a monitor of system function or Portable Executable file analyzer). The training provides also with an opportunity to learn the architecture of Windows operating system and assembly language. The training is recommended to incident response specialists, digital forensic specialists, systems administrators, pen-testers and anyone involved in IT security.

The above mentioned trainings are delivered by certified and experienced Prevenity trainers, as well as subject matter experts in given security areas.

Detailed information about the courses and their availability can be found here.
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