SEMAFOR Conference 2012
Date: February 2012
Mobile devices with every day are becoming more visible and also more and more important issue of security to organizations around the world.

"Visible", because in many organizations, it is hard not to see nowadays the workers using corporate resources with modern mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Mobile access to e-mail, intranet applications and file sharing systems – is undoubtedly the most common use of mobile devices in an organization - and not only the corporate but also private equipment.

"Important", because the same mobility carries a number of risks that were not present in a traditionally understood the IT environment, protected by antivirus systems, firewalls, IDSes or IPSes and many other more or less sophisticated security mechanisms.

During the presentation at the SEMAFOR 2012 conference, we discussed chosen information security risks that organizations, consciously or unconsciously, are exposed to when allowing the use of their computing resources from mobile devices. In particular, we discussed reasons, for which some of the "traditional" security measures have no chance to protect the organization from emerging threats as well as examples of methods, which can help to minimize the risks related to the mentioned threats.

A presentation shown at the conference is available here.
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