Secure 2011 Conference
Date: September 2011
Modern mobile devices, in particular smartphones, enable their owners to access information systems from almost anywhere on the Earth, where cellular and other wireless networks are available. From accessing e-mails up to making money transfers in internet or mobile banking systems – the appliance of smartphone devices seem to be almost unlimited. Furthermore, thousands of new mobile applications are introduced to the market each year. However, new opportunities bring with themselves also new threats. Not only a significant number of attacks known in the 'traditional' information systems are applicable in the world of mobile applications, but new technologies are also new, often previously unknown attacks and social engineering methods.

What kind of threats can we expect with regard to mobile applications and how we can fight against them? Which mobile operating systems offer the most effective methods of protecting applications against attacks and assure the safest method of software distribution? On which platforms we can expect the larger number of attacks in the near future? What security problems are difficult or even impossible to solve at the moment?

The presentation is aimed to attempt to answer these kinds of questions and focuses on discussing and comparing the most important security mechanisms of popular mobile operating systems: Android, Symbian, IOS, Windows Mobile and RIM. Presented are both methods of attack and ways to deal with them. Some attacks will also be supported by examples from the experience of the speakers gained during performing security tests of mobile applications.

A presentation shown at the conference is available here.
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