Security Congress 2012
Date: February 2012
Modern mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet PCs are becoming more and more popular with every new month or week.

Based on the information published by the co-author of Android platform, Andy Rubin, the amount of activation of Android-based mobile devices during the Christmas period exceeded 700.000 per a day. And while these numbers may surprise, the growing market share of mobile devices it's not surprising at all - these devices are becoming more comfortable to use, and thanks to the availability of hundreds of thousands of mobile applications offer greater functionality and provide true mobility to access information from almost anywhere in the Earth. From mobile access to e-mail up to accessing mobile banking – the usage of smartphones and tablets seems to be almost limitless.

However, new opportunities bring with them also new threats. Moreover, some of functionality designed to assure security, in fact, does not guarantee it, and make the problems even worse. On the other hand, some risks become sometimes exaggerated or simply do not apply in case of specific devices.

The presentation we had the pleasure to present at the conference focused on some facts and myths about the security of mobile devices and applications that run on them. The main objective of the presentation was to increase security awareness on both the risks and ways to protect against these threats and provide answers to the question - which of the threats are real, and which methods of protection actually provide such protection.

A presentation shown at the conference is available here.
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