Security and Reliability Conference, 6-7 September 2010
Date: 16th of August, 2010
We have a pleasure to announce that our company will participate in the Security and Reliability conference, which will take place on 6-7 September in Warsaw, Poland.

We will have an honor to inaugurate conference by our presentation, during which we are planning to discuss new opportunities as well as new threats associated with the growing use of modern cellular phones and smartphones like iPhone, BlackBerry as well devices based on Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile. During presentation we will discuss the set of unknown and currently possible to perform attacks targeting corporate networks, e-banking, micropayment mechanisms that use cellular phones. We will also discuss threats to privacy of smartphones' users and possibilities of performing social engineering attacks. We will also demonstrate chosen attacks in practice based on infected MS Windows Mobile based smartphone.

In the second day of the conference, our company will have the pleasure to lead a lecture on the new generation of security systems. During the presentation we will discuss the current challenges facing the security systems and present Palo Alto Networks solution, known as Next Generation Firewall. The solution, which inter alia, allows the identification and granular application control, traffic control based on user identity and inspection data transmitted via an organization's network, including encrypted communications.

Additional information about the conference and details regarding registration you can find at:

We invite you to participate in the conference!
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