Security audit of internal network for one of the largest Polish Media Companies
Date: 20 December 2010
In November and December 2010 our specialists performed a security audit of internal computer network for one of the largest and most renowned Media Companies in Poland. The aim of the audit was to provide an independent evaluation of security of company's internal computer network, in particular to verify resistance against unauthorized actions that could be performed against Company's computer systems.

During several weeks of security audit, Prevenity team tested company's internal network consisting of more than 7,000 active hosts and network devices. The security audit consisted of two phases:
  • Phase 1: Penetration test of internal computer network,
  • Phase 2: Detailed security analysis of selected servers.
Penetration tests performed during security audit were based on the "black-box" approach, which means that they were performed without any knowledge of Prevenity Team of audit's subjects.
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