Increased information dependence of businesses and growing number and kinds of threats, make organizations to pay more and more attention to information security. Also a mixture of various external and internal factors is of significant importance for information security in organizations. Such factors include more stringent legal requirements, regulations, contractual obligations, continuous changes in the organization and its environment, new technologies and increased complexity of IT environments, as well as the need to rationalize costs.

These examples make it necessary to switch from irregular and uncoordinated approach to information security, characterized by identifying problems and taking corrective action after a breach event. A new, proactive approach is to anticipate negative events and take appropriate actions to minimize the risks before they occur. This approach should be based on systematic activities and is characterized by effectiveness, efficiency and ability to continuously improve security, while maintaining full support for organizational business goals and objectives.

We offer the following services: Our services may be successfully used to support an organization in providing the required level of information security, taking into account specific business needs and requirements.
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