Digital Investigation and Incident Handling
Abuses caused by employees in relation to disclosure and theft of confidential information, illegal use or unauthorized distribution of commercial software, compromising of IT systems or data leakage – these are just examples of incidents related to illegal use of computers. Some of them, such as a theft or obtaining, by utilizing deception techniques, confidential information (credit card numbers, passwords or PINs) can affect each of us. More commonplace access to the Internet and growing usage of Internet in the area of financial services (for example, for the purpose of online banking), security weaknesses and vulnerabilities present in computer software and technologies cause that more and more crimes are executed with the use of electronic devices such as computers or mobile phones. More often, these incidents find its finale in courts.

In order to meet the growing needs of organizations in the area of computer forensics and incident response, we offer the following services:
  • Forensic acquisition of electronic data in a manner that is admissible in court,
  • Forensic analysis of acquired data (performed by expert witnesses),
  • Professional assistance in identifying potential relevant evidence,
  • Electronic data recovery,
  • Analysis of employees' activities in computer systems,
  • Malicious code identification and isolation,
  • Malicious code analysis,
  • Computer incident response,
  • Incident response & digital investigation training.
Aforementioned services we deliver using Prevenity laboratory for data recovery and computer forensics. Significant part of the services we can also provide on-site at our Customers' premises, using specialized portable equipment supporting the work of our experts.

Our experts have practical, multiyear experience in forensic analysis and incident response. They cooperate with Law Enforcement agencies and various private companies (banks, insurance, and telecommunications companies). Examples of work delivered by our experts:
  • An acquisition and analysis of personal computer which was infected by malware of phishing' victim for one Polish Banks,
  • An analysis of personal computers, servers and usb/flash drives of former employees suspected of disclosure of confidential information,
  • Log analysis for an internet portal,
  • Source code analysis in order to identify intellectual property crime,
  • Hard drives analysis in order to identify fraud in financial institution,
  • Workshops about frauds in electronic banking for law enforcement agencies,
  • Digital investigation workshops (over 20 editions).
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