Security Outsourcing
Many organizations these days are seeking ways to reduce operational costs. Expenditure rationalization may also include a part of an organization responsible for ensuring information security or IT systems security. Having in mind the growing importance of information security, cost reduction in this area without providing an alternative can cause counterproductive effect (for example loss of customer confidence, measurable financial loss or legal consequences). Therefore, outsourcing of information security operations can be an alternative to internal resources.


The service aims to provide cost-beneficial tools to ensure an adequate level of information security operations in both organizational and technical areas. The service can be provided under 8/5, 12/7 or 24/7 mode.

The service we offer includes:
  • Management of technical security measures. For example:
    • Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems (IDS / IPS)
    • Security Information and Event Management systems (SIEM, SIM, SEM)
    • Cryptographic systems
    • Other security systems used in an organization
  • Ensure organizational security measures. For example:
    • Security roles (eg, Information Security Administrator)
    • Update of security documentation (policies, standards, safety procedures)
    • Other organizational security measures
  • Security Monitoring
Quality Guarantee

To ensure highest possible quality of our services, we have in mind the growing importance of information security and responsibility in this area, most ultimately resting on the highest authority in organization. Therefore the tests are performed by our best experts in the field of information security, with extensive knowledge in the field of networks, operating systems, applications and information security, supported by numerous certificates (CISSP, CISA, CISM, LA 27001).
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