Protection of sensitive information as wall as protection of critical systems and applications supporting business processes is now an important operational task for many organizations. Loss of confidentiality, integrity or availability of information may affect not only the company's image but also trigger financial and legal problems.

The use of technical security measures is an important element of effective and efficient implementation of information security strategy. Selecting relevant technologies – driven by legal requirements, regulations, contractual obligations or risk assessment - may also be the source of solid business value to the organization.

Offered solutions can provide a wide range of sensitive information protection, whether they are currently stored and not used, transmitted or processed by the current user.

We offer solutions from leading security products vendors. However, the financial issues of proposed solutions are also important to us, both at the stage of their purchase, deployment, as well as at the subsequent maintenance. Therefore, we put a special emphasis to match optimal costs and security requirements along with financial possibilities of organizations.

We offer design, implementation and integration of a wide range of technologies in the areas of security management, networks, endpoint, virtual environments, applications and data security.

For all implemented solutions we also offer professional support services. More information about support services can be found here.

Quality Guarantee

To ensure the highest quality, the services offered we deliver in accordance with recognized standards, methodologies and best security practices. The crucial factor is our experts' experience, gained in many projects with demanding security and high availability requirements. Often, the solutions built require also a high level of customization to fit specific expectations of the contracting authority.

Our experts have extensive knowledge in the field of networks, operating systems, applications and information security, supported by numerous certificates (CISSP, CISA, CISM, LA 27001).

When it comes to project management side, we work on solutions such as Prince2, PMI/PMBOK and agile methodologies (e.g. SCRUM). If software development is needed, depending on the requirements of the project we use RUP, OUM, eXtreme programming and approaches that focus on quality, like Test Driven Development (TDD).
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