Application Security
With the popularization of web applications and growing degree of their complexity, the number of vulnerabilities and security threats for information processed are increasing. There are many possible actions that can be taken to ensure a high level of web application security - from use of good safety practices during the design and development, through safety testing, analysis of source code or regular use of scanning tools.

However, an important element is the implementation of technical solutions, ensuring continuous protection of web applications. This type of solution are Web Application Firewalls. They filter incoming and outgoing data at the application layer and block attempts to perform unauthorized actions or sensitive information leakage.

Another aspect of protection in the application layer is security of Services Oriented Architecture (SOA), increasingly popular with organizations integrating many different IT solutions. An important element of SOA is security of Web Services, which ushers in significant security challenges. Proposed solutions supporting Web Services security are XML Firewalls. They operate at the application layer, to help detecting and preventing wide range of XML attacks and the message parsers.
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